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Bathroom and Kitchen Design: Using Concrete


Concrete is a trend that is becoming more and more popular when it comes down to its uses in the bathroom and kitchen. Concrete can be used for any kind of look such as minimal and modern but it is becoming quite popular for a wide array of different traditional uses as well.

You can use concrete instead of other kinds of more conventional or traditional types of materials as well. When you want a traditional look in your kitchen, you may want to use concrete not to remake something that is from the past but rather to create something that is timeless.

kitchen and concrete

A good example of using concrete in the kitchen will be to look at a craftsman style kitchen. The cabinets will most likely be something such as frame and panel that will have a flush inlay in the door frames. There may be a nice porcelain sink and maybe some wood wainscoting that is in the dining area. It is common to use Tiffany lamps or light fixtures that have beautiful beveled glass. So where would you use concrete in a situation like this?

Well the first thing you will want to do is choose something that is a natural gray or a nice earth tone color, do not use colors that are bright. And then you can use this concrete for the counter-tops in your kitchen which will no doubt look amazing, because it will nice and clean, simple, and it will contrast against the wood in the kitchen. To add some extra spice to your concrete you can even add some tile to it in order to make it look a bit more unique. You can even have the tile molded into the concrete so that it will be a single flat surface if you want a clean professional look to your counter tops.

You can use concrete for a lot of different things in your kitchen, but when it is used as a counter-top, it can really bring everything together nicely, especially with some good accents. Just having the plain concrete, that is smooth to the touch, is a great accent to the traditional touches in the kitchen. You can customize and personalize the kitchen and the concrete to your liking, but make sure to keep it clean and simple because that is where the power of concrete lies.

Concrete makes a wonderful counter-top in a traditional kitchen without a doubt. Contact AAA Concreting in Orlando on (407) 459-1439 or visit their website here for more information.

Author:Matthew Wilson