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How To Build Your Own Million Plus Trade Business


From The Guy Who Built 2 Separate Million Plus Trade Businesses In 4 Years

Are you a skilled trades person who has a desire to start their own business or maybe you feel you are not getting the best out of your existing business and feel you need it to grow. Maybe you are a skilled professional such as a plumber, electrician, painter and decorator or carpenter that feel its time that you wanted to do your own thing and feel you can make a success of your own business.

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So you are looking around the internet to find out what information is available to point you in the right direction and give you answers to some of those questions that you have before you start your company. Well, you have come to a great place to start, You see Tradesman Academy is not a Franchise opportunity that will cost you money to be part of where you will be working under somebody else’s branding and essentially be working for somebody else’s company.

Tradesman Academy is a unique system which gives you the information you need to start your very own company, where it is entirely yours, you call it what you want and you reap all the profit and reward without having to give a percentage to others.

The founder of AFGE is; Don Spangler, he is a British born guy who has built two separate million dollar plus trade businesses within four years of starting them, He has a wealth of knowledge, being in the construction sector for over 20 years and working for some big companies and gathering a lot of information before starting his own business.

Don has dedicated a considerable time researching the US and UK market to find out the questions and concerns that trades people had when considering starting their own business and has written the book to answer these questions as well as providing training webinars to work with alongside the book. So if you are really serious about successfully starting or growing your business to and would like to know more about Don’s expert techniques, please fill in your details below:
If you have some of the following questions you have come to the right place…

  • What Do I Do First To Start The Business?
  • What Type Of Business Structure Do I Go For?
  • How Much Money Will I Need to Start The Business?
  • How To Jump From My Current Employment To Running My Own Business?
  • How Do I Get Customers?
  • How Do I Make Sure I Get Paid?
  • How Do I Take People On When I Grow?

To get you started and give you a few exclusive tips, you can sign up by filling out the form below.

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Author:Matthew Wilson